Russia: Lessons and Legacy –
The Alexander Men Conference 2012

Our Thanks

The organising committee of The Alexander Men Conference 2012 would like to take this opportunity to thank all the speakers and delegates for their contribution, to making the event such a positive, thought provoking and worthwhile experience. Academic research and personal testament were generously shared, stimulating the sort of productive dialogue beloved by Fr Alexander and creating a nurturing atmosphere conducive to the exchange of learning and ideas.

Appreciation is also extended to the people and businesses of Moffat who made the conference so welcome.

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The organisers would also like to record their appreciation for the financial support from the following individuals and organisations, without which it would have been impossible to promote the conference; Rev Dr Ann Shukman, Elizabeth Roberts, The Margarita Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature, The Drummond Trust, The Scottish Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, Dumfries and Galloway Council, The Scottish Communities Foundation on behalf of Scottish Hydro/The Clyde Wind Farm and Forest Purposes LLP.
To view conference papers and find links to conference photographs please follow Moffat Book Events

Christianity for the Twenty-First Century is the shared work of Elizabeth Roberts and Ann Shukman. It contains a series of articles by Alexander Men with introduction and commentary. Elizabeth Roberts and Ann Shukman jointly initiated the Alexander Men Conference 2012.

Delegate Feedback

This is the first chance I've had to check my mail since Sat night. Hope today went well. I've been running around collecting work from Artists and am in the throes of changing over exhibition etc. so haven't had a moment to spare today. Gerry was really glad he attended on Saturday evening too. I've just had a nice e-mail from AM; what an incredibly vivacious person he is. Earlier this evening a historian of Russia from Ayr came in and said how much the conference had restored his spirits. He had been downcast after the recent death of his friend from cancer. It was great to see so many interesting looking people wandering about, and impacting Moffat, all thanks to you.

I want to say how fortunate I felt to live locally and be able to attend the conference and for the concession for Moffat residents. It must have taken an immense amount of organisation to bring such eminent people from all corners. It was a fascinating and instructive weekend. Thank you very much for your part in it.

Mr S (staying with us) said it was the best run Conference he'd ever been to. BP and his wife said it was very good and well worth the trip from New York… Treat erectile dysfunction with viagra France and Italia online.

Congratulations by the way, you did an amazing job organising the conference! Fr V was saying how much he'd appreciated it. (I ended up spending the whole day with him and taking him to the airport, which turned out to be lucky, as i'm not sure he would have coped with the self-check-in machines!)

We greatly enjoyed meeting you, and appreciated the many courtesies you extended to us. My wife and I will never forget the conference and the excellent way in which it was presented. We shall also not forget your lovely country. Thank you for sending the link to the film. I know my students will learn from it.

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Father Alexander Men Conference a week ago. I thought all your arrangements went extremely well. I found the whole weekend extremely thought-provoking and enjoyable. I hope my article appears in the Church Times this Friday. If it does I will send you a copy.

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