Russia: Lessons and Legacy –
The Alexander Men Conference 2012

Conference Speakers

Dr Ekaterina Genieva OBE

Ekaterina Genieva is the Director General of Margarita Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature, scholar, librarian, literary critic. She received her Ph.D. in Philology from the Moscow State University. Her public activities include membership in various foundations and societies. From 1991 she is a Member (from 1994 Honorary Member) of the Board of Directors, Russian Biblical Society; Member, National UNESCO Commission of Russia (from 1997) of Member, Bureau of the 'Memory of the World' International Advisory Committee, UNESCO (from 1997). Member, American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (from 1996).

Dr. Genieva is affiliated with numerous international organizations; she is an Observer to the Russian-German Library Restitution Commission, she was Vice President of International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, IFLA (1993-1999) and a Co-founder and Vice-President of the Russian Library Association (1994-2004). She is the author of over 150 publications related to library and literary studies.


Order of Friendship, RF (1999); Honorary Diploma of IFLA (1999); Gabriela Mistral Order For Outstanding Accomplishments in Education and Culture, Chile (2002); Order Cross of Recognition, Latvia (2005); Max-Herrman-Prize for the year of 2005, Germany (2005); PRO CULTURA HUNGARICA Prize, Hungary (2005), Knightly Cross of the Order of the Great Prince of Lithuania Gediminas (2006), Order of the British Empire (2007), Cross of the Order for the Service to BRD I Class (2007), Cross of Maaryamaa IV Class (Estonia, 2008), Order of Malta (2010); Ordre national de la Legion d'honneur (2011); Premio Roma 'Roma Urbs Universalis' (Rome, Italy,2011).

Prof Wallace L. Daniel

Wallace L. Daniel is Distinguished University Professor of History at Mercer University. He served as University Provost from 2008 to the end of 2011. Prior to coming to Mercer in July 2008, he was Ralph L. and Bessie Mae Lynn Professor of History at Baylor University. At Baylor, he served as editor of the Journal of Church and State from 2006-2008, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from 1996-2005, and chair of the Department of History from 1992-1996. His field is Russian history, and his undergraduate and graduate degrees are from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Daniel's most recent publications include The Orthodox Church and Civil Society in Russia (2006); Wallace L. Daniel, Peter L. Berger, and Christopher Marsh (eds.), Perspectives on Church-State Relations in Russia (2008); and 'Reconstructing the "Sacred Canopy": Mother Serafima and Novodevichy Monastery', Journal of Ecclesiastical History (April 2008). His articles on Father Aleksandr Men' have appeared Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization (Winter 2009), Religion in Eastern Europe (November 2009), and Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte, Internationale Zeitschrift für Theologie und Geschichtswissenschaft (2011). Presently, he is working on an intellectual biography of Fr Men'.

Revd Canon Dr. Michael Bourdeaux

Michael Bourdeaux studied Russian, French and then Theology at Oxford University. He was selected by the British Council as a member of the first-ever exchange programme with students from Soviet Universities spending an academic year at Moscow University. His visit coincided with the renewed persecution of religion under Nikita Khrushchev and led to Bourdeaux founding "Keston College"* in 1969. His aim was to institute systematic study of all aspects of church-state relations in the Soviet Union (not just persecution). In 1984 he was awarded the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. The Episcopal Church conferred on him an honorary canonry in 1989 and in 1996 the Archbishop of Canterbury awarded him a Lambeth Doctorate of Divinity. He retired formally in 1999, but has continued a worldwide programme of lecturing, as well as publishing many articles. His completed memoirs await publication.

*The archive of Keston College (later called Keston Institute) is now housed at Baylor University, Texas - the 'Keston Center at the Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies'.

Ol’ga Aleksandrovna Sedakova

Ol’ga Aleksandrovna Sedakova started writing poetry at an early age and from the moment that her poetic world took on more definite contours (in terms of form, thematics and world view), it became clear that its path would radically diverge from state-sanctioned writing. Her first book came out with the Paris-based YMCA Press, but almost none of Sedakova’s poetry or even scholarly work was published in the USSR before 1989. So far she has published 27 books of verse, prose, translations and scholarly research (in Russian, English, German, Hebrew and Danish; Italian and Albanian volumes are forthcoming) and is the recipient of numerous literary prizes.

She is a Candidate of Philological Sciences (awarded for her dissertation, “Funereal Rites of the East and South Slavs,” 1983—published in book form in 2004); author of The Dictionary of Difficult Words in Church Services: Church Slavic and Russian Paronyms (2005); Doctor of Theology honoris causa (2003, Minsk European Humanities University); Officier d’honneur d’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres de la République Française (2012).

John Lloyd

John Lloyd is
A Contributing Editor for the Financial Times;
Co-founder and Director of Journalism at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford;
Director of the Axess Programme on Journalism and Democracy.

He is
A board member of the Moscow School of Political Studies
An associate fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford
A columnist for La Repubblica of Rome.
A columnist for

His books include
Loss without Limit: the British Miners’ Strike; 1986
Rebirth of a Nation: an Anatomy of Russia; 1997
What the media are doing to our politics. 2004

Revd Dr John Polkinghorne KBE FRS

John Polkinghorne worked for twenty-five years in theoretical elementary particle physics, holding a chair at Cambridge University,1968-79. After ordination as an Anglican priest and five years in parish ministry he returned to Cambridge, eventually retiring in1996 after several years as the President of Queens' College. He has served on a number of committees advising the United Kingdom Government on ethical issues relating to scientific advances, particularly in the area of human genetics. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and was knighted in 1997. He is the author of many books on science and religion, the latest of which is 'Science and Theology in Quest of Truth'. Polkinghorne was awarded the Templeton Prize in 2002.

Science and Theology in Dialogue

A number of themes in the writing of Alexander Men resonate with current concerns in the dialogue between science and theology. He is aware of, and open to, the wide cultural context within which this dialogue must be conducted. Men speaks of the 'two books' of nature and scripture, an image as old as the seventeenth century. An important insight is that the act of creation is an act of divine kenosis as the Creator allows creatures to be themselves and to make themselves, an insight of great relevance to the problem of wrestling with the problem of evil. Other themes of significance include cosmic futility and the inter-relationship of the world faiths.

Bishop Seraphim Sigrist

Bishop Seraphim Sigrist studied at St Vladimir's seminary under Fr Schmemann, served as a missionary in the Orthodox Church in Japan for 19 years, and as Bishop of northern Japan. Returning to the USA Bishop Seraphim has assisted in churches, taught graduate studies at Drew University, and become active visiting Russia in support of works of church renewal begun by Fr Alexander Men. Most recently he has written ""A Life Together: Wisdom of Community from the Christian East" on the theme of sobornost.
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Dr Natalia Pecherskaya

Dr Natalia Pecherskaya is the founder rector of the St Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy (SRPh) a non-state, non-church, fully accredited higher learning institution offering Bachelor and Master degrees in philosophy and religious studies. She is also principal Investigator of the project Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Science, Religion and Culture: preparing Community Leaders for the 21st Century supported by the John Templeton Foundation.

Rt Revd Gordon Mursell

Gordon Mursell has served as Vicar of St John's East Dulwich, a tutor at Wells Theological College, Team Rector of Stafford, Provost and then Dean of Birmingham Cathedral, and as the suffragan Bishop of Stafford (retired 2010). He is a prolific author and keen hill walker.